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Managed Service

Managed Service

Planning on expanding your workforce? If you’re looking to recruit on a large scale, be aware this can rapidly outstrip your HR capacity. The People Network’s RPO team is ready and waiting to step into your existing structure to augment the recruitment process so you receive the best results.

After getting to know your business and its existing processes, we can tailor our solutions to your requirements. Usually, this involves assigning experienced TPN employees as a resourcing team for your organisation. We can either deploy the team within your business or work from our own headquarters – whatever suits your needs.

We use advertising, direct approaches, networking, events, PR and the management of relevant professional recruitment agents to attain talent. Whether you are a large client after a traditional RPO service or a small business after a specific, project focused service, we are on hand to help.

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To speak to a member of our Managed Service team today, feel free to give us a call on 01793 641115 or simply fill in our contact form here.