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Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping... Smarter Recruitment

TPN's Talent Mapping solution is the future of specialist recruiting in the UK. Quite simply, it is a strategy that researches and identifies where the talent lies in certain companies, industries and geographic locations. It is about finding out who the superstars are, where the rising talent lies and identifying talent gaps and skills shortages.

Our Talent Mapping solution allows our clients the opportunity to not only approach passive, hard to find talent but also offers an unrivalled insight into their competitors.

Why use TPN Talent Mapping?

Businesses around the UK are feeling the pressure when it comes to recruitment and staff retention. TPN Talent Mapping is designed to complement our client’s internal recruitment function, not replace it.

TPN have already successfully worked with a number of widely recognised RPO’s and internal teams to add significant value to their existing recruitment processes.

Talent mapping increases the quality of hires to your organisation. Through a highly targeted approach, you can identify and connect with top talent within the candidate community.

62% of companies admit to making a poor hiring decision in the past year. With the average costs of replacing a 'bad hire' at around £30,000, talent mapping helps to increase the quality of new hires, meaning higher retention rates. As well as saving money, it can also save time.

TPN Talent Mapping  provides a snapshot of market activity and gives a detailed overview of competitor talent landscapes. It also ensures the market is hearing a consistent message about your brand.

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