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Hire qualified, screened and vetted GCP skilled professionals

Google's Cloud Platform is a strong No. 3 in the public cloud computing vendor market with an $11 billion annual revenue run rate, however, with the growing popularity of Google G Suite and its other cloud-based apps Google is aiming higher, building out its sales scale and industry approach at it attempts to increase its market share.  

Demand for GCP Jobs Outstrips Available Professionals

Many early stage cloud professionals gravitate their careers towards the dominate forces of AWS and Azure meaning that the market for GCP skilled talent is small.  With more businesses turning to GCP the demand for skilled and certified GCP professionals means that salaries are rising and rising fast.   

That's where The People Network can help

The People Network are experts in sourcing niche, highly skilled GCP talent.  We have GCP candidate talent pools that have been carefully built using a range of modern sourcing methods and technologies, capturing not only the active job seeking talent on the market but the hidden, behind the scenes, passive talent that when captured can really change the game.

Many of the candidates within our talent pools possess Google Certifications as well as exposure to other cloud platforms, tools and technologies.  

Contract or permanent, no matter how big or small your project, team or business, we can help source you the very best GCP talent you need.

Contact our specialist team of experts today to discuss your needs and how we can help. Click here.